lundi 10 décembre 2007

In Clark Kent live

I was at school and I met my best friend and Chloe. I told them that I was worry about Lana. After that, I went to the school newspaper office to talk to chloe because I wanted to take back my place at “The Torche”. But, Chloe was afraid that I would drop her again. I interviewed Lana about what had happened at the school pool. She accused me of coming to see her only when I spoke to her. She showed me Van Megraulty pictures when I asked her who was the killer. Chloe showed us pictures of Jack, the boy who tried to kill Lana. I asked her if she could confirm that the killer was Van, but Lana got angry because of what I said. I met Van at school and I gave him my sympathy for Jack. I saw his father pictures in his locker; he told me that he died. Chloe told me that Jack wasn’t the first victim of this killer who left cryptonite rocks signed “Freaks”. Van tried to kill Lex but I was there to stop him. I tried to break him down, because of the cryptonite rocks, I was paralyzed. I had a discussion with Lex about who tried to assassinate him. Chloe gave me the list of the people who could be killed. We could find those people in the strange people category. I gave this list to the police officer. I was helping my father on the farm when Van tried to kill me with cryptonite bullet. My father withdrew the bullets from my shoulder. When it healed after a moment, I came back at my normal state. When I woke up, I went to find Van before he killed someone else. I sent a message from the police car to him because I wanted to meet him at school. When I arrived, I told Van to unleash Lana. He pushed her away and started to shoot at me. I survived because I had a body protection. After, Lana came to meet me at my parent's farm to trek. She told me to open myself to people who loved me. I said that we haven’t always the choice, but she replied yes, we do.

lundi 22 octobre 2007

first tv programme

Clark Kent put a green kryptonite octagonal key in his starship. When he put the key in the lock it provoked a big explosion, that destroyed a part of his father-in-law farm. The explosion also hurt his mother-in-law. She was pregnant but because of that she lost her baby. After the explosion, Jor-El the father of Clark, does a scare on the body of his sun. Clark left Small Ville and he went to Metropolis.

Three months later, Clark was looking at a beautiful Lamborghini at a car seller. He stole an ATM and came back to the car shop and he bought the car. He went to a club and Clark gave the car as a gift to the doorman. During the night, he called home but he didn't speak and he clutched the phone. In the next day, he went in a bank and that one was in hold up, he stole the money of the stealer and he left. Outside, the police force began to shut him, but he fleed with success. Jonathan wanted to rescue Clark, Lana too because she loved him. Morgan, the big crime boss, wanted to employ Clark. Lex Luthor was on a desert island and he would be rescued at the end of the episode. The parents in law of Clark are woeful because they had to sold the farm. Cloé admited to Lana that she knew where Clark left. Lana went to metropolis and she tried to convince him to cameback with her. After the dispute with Jonathan Kent, Clark went saw Morgan and he accepted the job that he proposed to him. Jonathan took contact with Jor-El, they did a pact and Jor-El gave to Jonathan the power to brought back Clark at home. Jonathan went to Metropolis and he tried to stop Clark who’s stealing Luthorcorps. To be continued …

second tv programme

Clark and Jonathan were fighting because Jonathan wanted Clark to come back at home. When Clark returned to his normal personality he took his father and he brought it back to the farm. When Lex arrived in the office of his father, he threatened him with a pistol. But, after they discussed it and he finished by resigning himself. Clark was talking with his father and he told him he liked the time when he was Kal-El because he could do everything he wanted. The thing that he stole from Luthorcorps was a vial of his own blood. Jonathan took the vial and he broke it down. In a meeting with Morgan and Lionel, Lionel threatened him to tell everyone his secret that would bring him down, if he didn’t give him back the vial in the next 24 hours. Clark went to meet Lana at the coffee shop and he told her that he wasn’t sure if he would stay in Smallville for a long time. When Lex arrived at his home he had a dispute with his wife. Morgan went to the Kent farm and he told Clark he wanted his package back. A dispute began between Cloé and Lana because Cloé didn’t tell her where Clark lived. Morgan came back to the Kent farm and he threatened to kill Jonathan and Marta if Clark didn’t give him back the blood vial. Morgan didn’t understand why Clark gave a bit of his blood to him. He took the vial and go gave it back to Lionel and he told him he took the blood from the source. He could also give him the source for something else, but during the trade there was an explosion. During the shooting, Morgan was shot and Lionel ran away. Lex bought the Kent’s farm because the Kents were obliged to sell it. Lex gave it to the Kents as a gift. Clark met Lana and they discussed their future.

vendredi 31 août 2007

little resume of this tv programme

This tv programme talk about the origine of the surper heros: "Super Man" or " Iron Man" but he take also the the name of clark kante in his life of human.

Smallville is a little city where all the people know everyone. In this city, a lot of strange events happen there and also it’s a town where we can find a big number of freaky people. Clark Kent is a boy who was been adopted by the Kent family when he was younger. Clark is the name given by Jonathan and Marta, his legal guardians. But the real name of Clark is Kal-El. This name was decided by his real extraterrestrial father Jor-El who lived on the Krypton planet. That is the reason why Clark has all these super powers and also why he gets more and more power each day. Jonathan Kent has a little farm and Marta works at a little coffee shop in town.

Lana Lang is a young beautiful girls, she works at the same coffee shop of as Clark’s mother. She lost her parents in a meteor shower. She was in madly love with Clark and he was also in love with Lana, but he is scared because he doesn’t want to hurt her. He is scared about her reaction when she found his secret of his not being a human. Cloé is a young reporter who works for her school journal "The Torch". She was also in love with Clark but she knows she doesn’t have any hope to be with him. It’s because of this best friend. She is always there when he needs help. Lex Luthor, the son of Lionel, belong to a family that is worth a lot of millions of dollars. But that family is involved in a lot of a strange research.